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The Photographer

Breck Macnab


I'm a Hartford, Connecticut based photographer with over 25 years of experience—some of that experience actually involving a camera. I became interested in photography in middle school, when I learned that joining the Photography Club allowed me free film and access to the dark room, although it did nothing to alter my reputation as a major geek. It's been a long time since the days of my first twin lens reflex camera and 120 film, but photography has remained one of my favorite forms of creative expression.


Over the last several years, with the advances in digital technology, photography has evolved into one of my greatest passions (although my wife might use the word obsession) and now I look towards turning it into a full time career. Until then, I'm a designer and space planner for Lazarus and Sargeant Architects. You may also find me out hiking, running, or on a bicycle—and yes, I am probably the idiot stopped on the side of the busy highway taking a picture.